Designing A Gratitude Journal That Works

How can we design a system that helps people recognize the good things in their lives, so that they can feel good about themselves?

Case Study
Photo of a crocodile's eye, because Godzilla wasn't royalty-free.


The Big Freakin' Requirements Document Must Die. Here's Why.

Article I authored for Blueprint, achieving over 47K+ views on BA Times & republished elsewhere.

Cover of ECM whitepaper I authored for OpenText.


Best Practices in ECM Migration

Whitepaper I wrote for Xenos (acquired by OpenText) to provide lead gen for their electronic content management migration services.

Photo of crowd at WordCamp Toronto 2008.


WordCamp Toronto Redux

Wrote a couple articles for blogTO including this recap of that year's WordCamp conference.

Chris Gurney

I'm a Toronto-based product designer and former product manager who has toured the tech industry with a background in computer science, across a broad range of roles.

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