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Challenging myself to designing a thing a day.

A 100 day project to improve my design skills.

Follow along the Daily UI challenge by viewing my design progression below.

Daily UI #001: A Sign Up form.

Daily UI #001 : A Sign Up form.

This shot would be the first screen for creating a new account.

I personally like how AirBnB separates their signup flow into multiple steps, similar to how TypeForm collects information.

Credits: Background by Quinsey Sablan via Unsplash.

Daily UI #002: A Credit Card Checkout form.

Daily UI #002 : Credit Card Checkout form.

This is the final screen for a check out flow.

Credits: Background by Greg T. via Unsplash.

More to come!

Watch this space for future updates.

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I'm a Toronto-based product designer and former product manager who has toured the tech industry with a background in computer science, across a broad range of roles.

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