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Resinate logo.

Development of a cannabis lifestyle brand.

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  • 2018

Design Challenge

I worked with the founder of a cannabis grower to design a brand for his company.

The goal was to take his name Resinate and create a trustworthy brand.

My Role
Brand development.
Logo, fonts, patterns, colors and examples of its application to an investor pitch deck and to product packaging.
Mockup of Resinate product bottle.

Product packaging concept.

Logo Variations

Variations of the logo. Variations of the logo.

My initial versions focussed on the “r”, and in later versions I looked at emphasizing the “i” to emphasize the difference between the word resonate and resinate.

I tried to initially avoid tropes in cannabis branding (leaves, and the color green). However, with experimentation (blues, oranges, and purple), and taking my stakeholder’s input and preferences into consideration, ultimately landed back on green.

Final versions of the logo. Final versions of the logo.

After looking at many fonts, I ultimately chose Comfortaa as it felt friendly, and it looked as though it could exist in a medicinal context. Flattening the bottom of the text gave it a more serious tone.

Closeup of the outlines of the logo.
Closeup of the outlines of the logo.

The smaller leaf was added to the “r” later to represent a female cannabis plant, which produces the flowers that are consumed.

Investor Deck

Screenshot of the investor deck slides. Screenshot of the investor deck slides.

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